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Who We Are

Who We Are

Heritage Hill Church of the Nazarene is a community friendly church located in Papillion, in the south central portion of greater Omaha.  Our heritage, all those who came before, and this hill.

What we're about

What we're about

Heritage Hill Church is about Loving God, Lifting People and Lighting the Way.  You could call it the circle of life.  Once you start, you just can't stop loving God, lifting people, and lighting th...



You are invited to attend

Marriage encounter

September 29 (5:00pm) & September 30 (7:00pm)

Click the link below to pre-register before September 19, 2017

Art of Marriage - Heritage Hill Church of the Nazarene

From our Pastor...

Ray and Char Cluff

At Heritage Hill Church we have a very simple philosophy defining why we are here on this little hill in Papillion. We are here for God, we are here for each other, and we are here for YOU. This understanding directs everything we are about. Our Mission, Purpose, and Vision can all be summed up in one simple Slogan. "Love God, Lift People, and Light the Way."
We believe this slogan addresses three primary relationships: Intimacy with God, Community with those we know, and Influence with those we do not. We attempt to create environments that will help us grow in each of these areas. We also believe that relationships transform us. As we "Love God' through our worship, our hearts are transformed and we begin to love the way God loves. As we "Lift People” in the community atmosphere of Journey Groups, our friendships are transformed. We build each other up, encourage, and challenge one another to live like Jesus. And, as we "Light the Way" in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and, work places, darkness is transformed and Jesus, who has been here all along, is revealed for all to see.

So, take a look around the web site, stop in and say hello, share a prayer request, or shoot me an email. I would love to meet you. After all, you are one of the top three reasons we are here.

Grace to you,
Pastor Ray

And in other news

Master Calendar Request Form

  • If you need to use any of the facilities of the church:
    • First: Read the "Facilities Use Procedure" guide.
    • Second: Print the form "(available here) and fill it in.
    • Mail the completed form to:
      • Heritage Hill Church of the Nazarene
      • 6909 Cornhusker Road
      • Papillion, NE 68133
    • If you have any questions please call: 402.331.8900


Welcome to Heritage Hill

  • 9:15 am - Sunday School Classes for all Ages
  • 10:30 am - Morning Worship
  • 5:30 - 7:00 pm - Youth Group
  • 7:00 pm - Prayer Time (Sanctuary)
Life Groups - multiple locations throughout the week.






JAM Club

For a one-time donation for JAM Club ministry, click the "Donate" button

Prayer Request

Image of praying hands

Do you have something for which you would like prayer, we would love to pray for you. Please tell us if you want the request kept confidential or if we can share it with our prayer chain.

God bless you.

Submit Your Request.

6909 Cornhusker Road / Papillion, NE 68133 / 402.331.8900
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